The Search Fore Winter

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The Search Fore Winter by Carlos J. Carrasco is an interesting, thought-provoking text filled with eclectic, intricate narration that encapsulates and rouses readers from all walks of life. The author leads readers through the thoughts and perspectives of assorted lives, past and present, to convey the ultimate importance of spirituality and each of our personal relationships with God. This is the second installment in Carrasco’s series, following Finding the Fall, published in 1996. The beginning of the book explains, “His story is in Book One, Finding the Fall, The Story of the Wheatfield. My misery and the results of that misery are Book Two. I am the one who has searched Fore the Peace the White Flower of Winter can bring…I’m Frank. Last time around I was Joseph. This time I’m Carlos. Someday I will become Marcus. He will die. I will continue till my path is done.” The complexity of content requires a more advanced reader capable of understanding the multifaceted nuisances of the text. For those committed, a breathtaking testimony will unfold that encourages deep reflection and realization. Through this narrative, readers will obtain a deeper understanding of the intention and implication of the author’s use of “Fore.” The book teaches readers that only through exploration of our place in the larger divine context can we begin to fully comprehend our purpose and meaning in this world. Carrasco’s The Search Fore Winter captures this sentiment and conveys it in a refreshing, persistent manner that will inspire readers. The search for mercy, redemption, and acceptance is a familiar theme that Carrasco satisfyingly explores through the unique lens of re-embodiment and devotion. Readers will find themselves reading it again and again to decipher additional tidbits of insight and discernment to apply to real-world scenarios for years to come. Carrasco thoughtfully explains, “My job was only to finish. Finding you, finding readers is ‘His job’ not mine. Fore in His hands I have placed my life so the future of this book is ‘almost’ an afterthought.” It reminds readers it is never too late to undertake a challenge or to return to God’ flock. Equally as important, the work encourages readers to trust in God’s work and remain patient as His work unfolds. Committed followers of Carrasco’s work will appreciate the messages considered in The Search Fore Winter and eagerly await the next installment in the series.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 486 pages
Publisher KDP
Publish Date 2013-08-09
ISBN 9781490952758 Buy this Book
Issue October 2019
Category Spirituality & Inspiration


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