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The Unification by Bridges McCall is an interesting tale that will undoubtedly inspire many people. It is an inspirational book that looks at human experience through different moments in time and through the eyes of Matt and his granddaughter, Piaget. Matt has lived a life of unbridled passion, drunkenness, and gambling, until circumstances leads him to an encounter with a powerful fortune teller that completely changes his life. Set in the future, the book details Matt’s insights and memories, and the memories of those who lived thousands of years before him.

The plot of The Unification is complex, taking readers through different timelines and geographical locations, but the author does a good job in keeping readers engaged with exciting scenes, gritty historical and social commentaries, and the thought-provokingly spiritual and New Age spirituality questions that will compel readers to re-evaluate their beliefs.

McCall has the gift of keeping readers engaged by creating powerful scenes and biting suspense. He writes beautifully, a style that is accessible to the ordinary reader, but the elements of suspense are among the strong points of this inspiring story and readers will most certainly want to know what happens to Piaget and her grandfather at the end of the story.

Matt and Piaget are compelling characters that readers will love, well-grounded, and convincingly human. It is interesting to see how these characters develop, moving from a simple connection with their gifts to higher consciousness, from the slavery of their passions to spiritual enlightenment. Aside from the characters, McCall writes about things that are intimate to the human soul in the quest of its destiny, the ultimate need to define who we are. This is one of the books that will entertain and inspire readers and lead them to ask questions about life, humanity, and their ultimate destiny.

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Star Count 4.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 375 pages
Publisher Booklocker
Publish Date 25-Feb-2016
ISBN 9781634911450
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Issue March 2016
Category Spirituality & Inspiration


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