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Getting a Guaranteed Book Reviewed from the San Francisco Book Review

If your book is more than 90 days past its publication date, or you really want to get it reviewed and don’t want to just hope it’ll get picked up through the general review system, you can go through our Sponsored Review program. While there is some controversy about paying for a review, SFBR is a respected publication, like Kirkus or Foreword Reviews, and doesn’t provide vanity reviews for payment. You can expect the same level of professionalism from our standard reviews. And we don’t call out sponsored reviews any different than the other reviews.

Here is some general information on the various Sponsored Reviews we offer:


Standard Reviews – Take 8-10 weeks for turnaround from the time we receive your book – Start at $199

Expedited Reviews – Take 4-6 weeks for turnaround from the time we receive your book – Start at $349

Get more than one review for the same book – You’ll get a discount on the normal cost of two, three, or four reviews.


And if you really like your review, you can have it posted on one of our other brand’s (Manhattan, Tulsa, or Seattle) website for $99.

Clicking over to the purchase page will show you the many options you have for this program (this will take you to City Book Review, which is the hub for placing all orders)