Why We Love Them So: Surviving the Loss of an Animal Friend

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The death of a pet always causes some remorse, and it can be hard to let go. Why We Love Them So is an exploration of how we deal with their death, and what steps we go through when we lose a valued pet. As the death of a pet is usually the same as the death of a family member, and few pet owners would dispute that pets are not part of the family, the passing of a pet can be devastating. This book is a look at the stages of mourning, as well as how to survive them.

The book is almost an eulogy to the author’s lost pets. Besides dealing with bereavement issues, it also looks at other issues regarding pets, such as a poignant argument for euthanasia, as well as how sorrow can be a cause for the celebration of life. A nice touch is the list of organizations that can be contacted for help, as well as pets taken to a better place. As a discussion on the need to mourn, the book is an excellent anodyne for grieving heart. Although the reason for the short chapters is well-received, a little more content would not be an unwelcome thing. Also, the pictures would have done better if they were either collected into one section or there was more pets shown. But these are minor complaints, given the material covered.

This is a book those that are still in the grieving process must read. Father Keenan makes for an excellent person to take you through the stages of grief, and it would be hard not to be consoled by his own grief at the loss of his pets. This is an excellent memorial to pets lost, and a way for owners to obtain some closure.

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Star Count 3/5
Format Trade
Page Count 126 pages
Publisher iUniverse.com
Publish Date 10-Aug-2009
ISBN 9781440143403
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Issue February 2012
Category Spirituality & Inspiration


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