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When the rule breaking, rebellious life of Sophie Banks is discovered by her religious private high school, her freedom is confiscated as she is pushed into to a new, more disciplinary lifestyle. Sophie is forced to live under constant supervision in the home of the strictest teacher from school. Being torn apart from her joyous old life to dorm with iron-fisted Ms. Jennings isn’t easy for Sophie, however the transition holds many surprises for both Sophie and her new-found guardian. As Ms. Jennings copes with Sophie’s stubborn and unruly behavior, she soon learns that there’s more to this trouble-making teen than she had previously assumed. As she uncovers parts of Sophie’s mysterious and hidden backstory, Ms. Jennings makes it her mission to get through the imaginary brick wall that Sophie has put up for years. The two polar opposites begin to learn from one another, and develop a bond that no one would have ever expected in a million years.

Sophie provokes a wide variety of emotions from the reader as the story unfolds. From heartwarming to heart wrenching in seconds, the events of the novel come together to create an absolutely amazing story. The juxtaposition of the two main characters serves as the anchor of the story, and keeps the book consistently exciting throughout each and every page. With themes of love, communication, and trust, the novel features dynamic characters that will stay with readers long after closing the book. Sophie is a fabulous novel for young adults looking to indulge themselves in a delightful read. Anyone who appreciates a good piece of literature will adore the author’s work and fall in love with the story, along with all of it’s characters. The book boasts of an enjoyable tale that readers are bound to love, and, in general, is definitely a praiseworthy novel!

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 288 pages
Publisher Lulu
Publish Date 05-Jun-2015
ISBN 9781483423128 Buy this Book
Issue September 2015
Category Young Adult


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