Hamagel: The Story of Three Sisters

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Evil and poison loom over the land and among the people in Benjamin E. Jenkins’ fantasy novel, Hamagel: The Story of the Three Sisters Volume I: Rise of the Industry. The Social, a group of provinces, fought among each other for hundreds of years until the Peace Accords were signed bringing peace and contentment to the land. Beginning as the promise of wealth and prosperity, the Industry began in Agartha, a province in The Social. Run by Lord Daimon, the Industry gained strength and desired more resources depleting the land and aggravating the peaceful life The Social had once enjoyed. Now, years later the land and provinces are either in ruins or threatened by the spread and rise of the Industry. Lord Daimon has formed alliances and aims to conquer all for the Industry. Hattie, Ellen and Margaret, The Three Sisters from Anciria, lead a group to Mount Mandara with mission to save their world and others from The Industry and Lord Daimon. Each sister carries a special trait to help accomplish this mission that are both unique and powerful to each in accomplishing their mission. While they are focused on their goal, the rest of The Social continues to feel the threat of Lord Daimon and the Industry and fight to survive. Some are driven by greed, some by honor and others by duty in a land where the ultimate goal is survival.

Jenkins, has delivered a high intensity, fantasy novel that is as detailed as it is gripping. While it first seems like a series of short stories that are loosely linked, you quickly learn that as each character is introduced they are all linked in some way and will eventually come together as the story unfolds. The Three Sisters are the main characters linking all of the others together, both good and bad. As Volume I ends, readers are left reeling as they anxiously awaiting Volume II. With a lot of background information about characters given in Volume I, Volume II has the potential to take off right where the story in Volume I left off. Looking forward to what is ahead for The Three Sisters.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 154 pages
Publisher iUniverse
Publish Date 13-Oct-2015
ISBN 9781491777626
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Issue April 2016
Category Young Adult


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