Rumble Tumble Joy: A Journey for Healing, Inspiration, and Wholeness

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Using poetry and prose, White takes readers inside her personal journey of transformation, acceptance, and wholeness. Through the passages, White wrestles with and finds contentment with her weight, her face, her skin, and her body, particularly her thighs. We witness adoration and intimacy in the poem, “I Can’t Wait”. We catch glimmers of past pain in “Thunder Thighs,” in which she writes, “I have been physically hurt and part of me decided that by limiting my own beauty I would decrease my chances of being seen…” We are encouraged to practice self-love in the daily affirmation, “Full of the Honey of Yourself”. White’s journey is filled with moments of joy, pain, sorrow, anger, and love, and readers–women of all ages–can use Rumble Tumble Joy to embark on their own journey of appreciation and acceptance of themselves and others.

This book is ideal for women’s groups, student groups, support groups, and retreats. The 26-question discussion guide offers a starting point for individual reflection or group conversation. The insightful Q&A, and “Reflections on Transformation”, illuminate the author’s intent for writing such a deeply personal, moving book. Blank pages at the end are an invitation for readers to begin their own reflection.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 102 pages
Publisher Om Mandala LLC
Publish Date 2014-Sep-19
ISBN 9781939964021 Buy this Book
Issue March 2015
Category Self-Help


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