Rula The Heist

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It’s Halloween 1980, and the guests are arriving in costume at Lordon Castle for what promises to be a night full of surprises. Phillip, the host, dressed as the chess king, explains the costumes and the people wearing them to his mistress, who is attired as a pawn in black. Phillip has painstakingly prepared for this night in order to fulfill a lifetime legacy with the continuation of the ancient game called Rula. He has changed the rules a bit, however, and has now invited outsiders to play.

The players include The Devil, whom he believes will be the first to stray; the Angel, whom he considers the wild card; the Jester, whom according to Phillip is the player with the most power; the exciting and impressive Dark Horse; and, finally, the Matador, Phillip’s favorite with a weakness for women and the smartest person he’s ever met, but who has a taste for pretty things that do not belong to him. After drinks and introductions, the game begins, and we follow the players as they go forth.

In December two months later, the reader is with The Great McGuire, our Matador, as he plies his trade as a magician to the wealthy and jewelry thief. His sights this time are set on the lovely sapphire and diamond necklace belonging to Marybeth Chancellor, and on the young bride herself. Ultimately, he is successful in not only securing the valuable bauble but also a weekend with the lovely Mrs. Chancellor, which leads to far-reaching complications all around.

Fast forward to the present day, and we are introduced to Kate and Anthony, a newly married couple on the lookout for their first home. Snagging what seems like the deal of a lifetime on a beautiful home in Carmel, they try to settle into normal married life. That is not to be, however, when strange things begin to happen at the house and in their lives. Kate, a journalist, begins to write a piece concerning a dog who steals her engagement ring only to “present” her with a completely different and much more valuable ring.

The first installment in the Rula series by Nicole Parris, Rula: The Heist, sets the stage for a rollicking good series that the reader won’t want to put down. It takes a bit to understand who the players are in relation to each other, but it is worth the work. Not really a stand-alone novel, but as one of three in a series, I feel it will be very enjoyable.


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Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 443 pages
Publisher KDP Amazon
Publish Date 2018-Apr-01
ISBN 9781976968525 Buy this Book
Issue April 2018
Category Romance


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