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When fourteen-year-old Logan accidentally presses a button in Professor Priddle’s Shrinking Capacitor, he is whirled from the world he knows to a tiny little planet at the heart of a sugar crystal. The author has fun with this sugar-crystal world and its geography of jellybean trees, marzipan mountains, chocolate rivers, candy rocks, ice cream snow, and so on. You’ll be licking your lips as you read this tale.

Logan’s arrival on June 9 has been prophesied—sort of. According to an ancient text by the Great Butterscotch Wizard, a powerful wizard will save Canlandia from the Baron Von Jawbreaker, who has stolen the Sapphire Sugar Crystal and used its powers to turn normal Canlandians into dangerous attacking Gobstoppers. The Baron wants to take over the planet. Citizens of the Canlandia continent feel Logan is the wizard meant to save them.

Logan thinks his arrival is a mistake, but Queen Ambrosia sends him on a mission to recover the Sapphire Crystal with a young woman warrior, Butterbrickle, as his guide. Armed with Butterbrickle’s bow and arrow, Logan’s slingshot and marbles, and a vial of cinnamon dust that temporarily blinds enemies, they set off. The action never stops, as they fend off Lollipop Gargoyles, Toffee Giants, Truffle Witches, rock candy trolls (all more dangerous than their sugary names imply), and a plethora of other creatures, finally fighting the evil Baron himself.

Butterbrickle and Logan, each with different strengths, make a refreshing duo. Butterbrickle’s warrior skills make her the stronger of the two, but Logan is quick-thinking and quick with his slingshot, and their dialogue is snappy as they take turns saving each other. Fiona Sansom’s candy-colored illustrations capture both the texture and aura of this sweet-tooth fantasy adventure.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 156 pages
Publisher Impossible Dreams Publishing
Publish Date 15-May-2014
ISBN 9780978642235 Buy this Book
Issue October 2014
Category Tweens


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