Blueprint for a Battlestar: Serious Scientific Explanations Behind Sci-Fi’s Greatest Inventions

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Theory is all well and good, but eventually someone’s going to have to build things based on those grand theories. That’s where blueprints come in. And when you’re talking about the future of humanity — be it space stations, cybernetic implants, or terraforming other worlds — those blueprints will have to be something special.

And Rod Pyle is just the man for the job, combining real-life work at NASA and JPL with visual effects work in Star Trek to bring to life ways to turn science fiction into science fact.

Although some of the blueprints in Blueprint for a Battlestar are less detailed than others, they all provide valuable insight into the scientific concepts and developments-in-progress Pyle describes throughout the book. Never has space travel seemed so amazing and yet so tangibly real as it does in Pyle’s blueprint sketches.

This book brings to life both the possibilities and the distinct challenges that come part and parcel with great leaps forward. This is dream fuel for aspiring STEM students of all sorts. Blueprint for a Battlestar is a gateway drug for brainstorming that could change the world.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 192 pages
Publisher Sterling
Publish Date 2016-Oct-11
ISBN 9781454921349 Buy this Book
Issue June 2017
Category Pop Culture


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