Batman: Facts and Stats from the Classic TV Show

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For all the George Clooneys and Michael Keatons and Christian Bales and Kevin Conroys and Val Kilmers and Ben Afflecks, when you get right down to it, when people think Batman, I bet they immediately think of the Adam West version first.

And there’s good reason for that. All the BIFF! and POW! action, the recurring gags and vivid villains, even the two-part cliffhanger storytelling…it’s all part of the package! And it’s all celebrated in the pages of Batman: Facts and Stats from the Classic TV Show. Not only are there stats and factoids regarding Batman’s villains and their many appearances, but we get all sorts of details on the heroes and side characters, their alter egos, and the various ways they’ve outwitted Batman’s foes. (Heck, there’s even a rundown of Chief O’Hara’s best outbursts!)

Plus the entire book is hilarious, written in the same weird, arch tone that made the show’s narration and voice-overs so iconic. (They even threw in a “Stately Wayne Manor,” which delighted me.)

Batman: Facts and Stats from the Classic TV Show is a well-executed trip down Memory Lane.

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Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 128 pages
Publisher Titan Books
Publish Date 2016-Oct-04
ISBN 9781783294695 Buy this Book
Issue December 2016
Category Pop Culture


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