Apocalypse Idaho

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Johnny Sparks spends midweek date nights with his wife at the local movie theater’s Apocalypse Wednesdays, so when the world turns to monster, he’s been schooled in just what to do. Yet what could be worse than humanity itself being threatened by alien-like demonic vampire evil? Facing off against your worst nightmare, after your marriage has just broken down, and you feel that your life now lacks meaning is what.

Cue the apocalypse. Cue a cast that seems familiar, but only in a clever ironic way, and creatures that are originally vampish without any hint of Stephenie Meyer or teenage angst. Cue philosophy at the end of the world, with beautifully crafted meta-referenced prose, pop culture catchphrases, and you’ve got a gripping and hugely entertaining read.

The apocalypse will not be televised, yet this is like watching television. Every character painted to be recognised but in a unique voice:

‘The old man’s red-rimmed eyes shift. He’s the type of person where 87 percent of everything used to cost a nickel and 52 percent of everyone is a hoodlum.’

Johnny finds the purpose he needs to carry on even when it becomes a betrayal. He finds a kindred spirit against which to shore up his resolve even when his ally is his enemy. Just like Johnny we see exactly how this story is going to end and then it doesn’t. It plays in and out of type, and just when you think you’re going to be cheated after being led with a certain amount of predictability, the narrative takes a side swerve and there’s no disappointment. Ripe for a sequel, there is a hint of such at the end, an illusory promise which leaves you wanting more.

This humorous take on the human condition is contemporary, vivid and visual, and mentions or alludes to several television series, movies, and icons of entertainment. It is Zombieland (without the zombies), Tarantino, The Matrix and Blade all wrapped up into one. I would willingly give up entire daylight hours to read Apocalypse Idaho volume 2. I repeat, willingly. And gladly also.

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 326 pages
Publisher Amazon
Publish Date 23-Feb-2015
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Issue September 2015
Category Horror


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