Alice: Gateway to Evil

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Have you ever played the Ouija board? Or have you ever seen the movie, The Exorcist? If you are familiar with either of them, then you are well aware that these two embody an evil presence of some sort. The Ouija board can either be seen as something that can be a form of entertainment for some, but it can also represent a gateway of communicating with spirit or presence. But when dealing with the unknown, it should be taken seriously, especially in the case of Alice: Gateway to Evil by Kerie Belas.

In this frightening tale, Ms. Belas is a chilling account of a young teen named Alice, who should never have played the Ouija board, or invite a spirit called “Brian” to come join her and her friend, Delilah. Once they invite him, Alice soon finds herself in her very own version of exorcism and demonic possession. If you have ever seen The Exorcist, then you can imagine the frightening, detailed accounts that she, or in this case, another version of Alice, goes through. As the demonic spirit possess Alice, her family rushes in all the help they can to cure their beloved daughter. Alice’s devout Catholic grandmother has also sent word to her church to send help ASAP. As the evil spirit possesses Alice, it has taken over her body and mind, and starts spewing hateful and derogatory things to Alice’s family. So can Father Seamus exorcise Alice? Or will the devil still remain in her?

While Alice: Gateway to Evil is a chilling and scary account of a tale of a young teen possessed, I did feel the book was just okay. There was nothing spectacular or gripping that held my attention since I felt it was a regurgitation of The Exorcist. While the author tried to integrate the Ouija board as the gateway for the possession, I did feel the author lacked proper detailing of exactly what happened to Alice. Scenes were either too verbose in description or lacked vital details to grip the reader’s attention. The writing was not bad but also not great. It was just a standard story that didn’t leave a memorable impression. But if you are a fan of The Exorcism, then this quick short indie book might be for you.

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Star Count 3/5
Format Trade
Page Count 210 pages
Publisher Inkwater Press
Publish Date 14-Oct-2015
ISBN 9781629012964 Buy this Book
Issue February 2016
Category Horror


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