144 Thousand and Speaking in Tongues

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144 Thousand and Speaking in Tongues by Melvin Winfrey is a unique book that is inspirational and a tricky way to get readers more familiar with their Bibles. I loved the goal that this writer had in mind to persuade his readers to read, analyze, and interpret the Bible. Following along this easy-to-read book, readers will find the answers to today’s events, how we can prepare for the future, and what the Bible’s message means for us. Inside 144 Thousand and Speaking in Tongues , readers will hear a lot about the one hundred forty-four thousand.

Melvin Winfrey has written a book that serves a guide that educates, informs, and inspires readers everywhere. There are many of us who have a Bible, but hardly crack it open. I wasn’t aware of just how much I really didn’t know about what’s inside my Bible until I read 144 Thousand and Speaking in Tongues . What’s wonderful about this book is how well-researched the Bible quotes are and how Melvin Winfrey explains each one to readers. The whole setup of the book is easy to read, follow and understand. Readers can follow the quotes and readings and use their Bibles to read the full passages from where all the quotes are taken from. This was my first religious book I’ve read, and I found it quite intriguing. I definitely look forward to reading more books by Melvin Winfrey in the future. Overall, I highly recommend 144 Thousand and Speaking in Tongues  to readers worldwide. This is one religious book that readers will find fascinating and enjoyable to read along with their own Bibles. I don’t know of any other religious book that allows you to read along like this one does. It is truly a remarkable nonfiction book to help readers read their Bibles more often.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 128 pages
Publisher AuthorHouse
Publish Date 07-Jul-2011
ISBN 9781456716912
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Issue April 2016
Category Religion


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