Predator: Why fabulous Christian women can’t find love in today’s church

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Christian women everywhere are forewarned that there are people in the world (and at church) who seek Christian women for other than honorable reasons. In an honest and thought-provoking manner, Amey shares her own experiences as a single Christian woman looking to become equally yoked with that perfect “man of God.” Alas, this is not the case, as Amey, through prayer, common sense, revelatory dreams, and a bit of old-fashioned detective work, comes to terms with the often-troubled journey of single women everywhere.

Many subjects are covered. One important topic rendered for conversation is the question of whether or not a man will actually wait to have sex until after the marriage ceremony. This subject alone should prompt discussion of issues of morality often not adequately addressed within the Christian church. The idea that abstinence is unnatural or passé in today’s world is open for review here. Amey offers her own viewpoint, complete with scriptural backup for her stance on promiscuity and Christian single dating. Honest about her own past, she warns others not to close their eyes to the reality that one’s innocence may be painfully abused by predators. A second topic open for long, and thoughtful debate is the question of whether or not tithing is a requirement for today’s Christian. While Amey endorses tithing, and backs up her viewpoint with scriptural references, there may be readers who would challenge this belief.

The book is a quick read, with lots of surprises along the way, as man after man reveals his seamier side, offering sexual encounters and lying about the past, the present and their future plans. Predator would be a great conversation starter for church singles’ groups and single women looking for that special someone who may be, as the Bible warns, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 184 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 14-Oct-2011
ISBN 9781466435698 Buy this Book
Issue May 2012
Category Religion


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