Unfortunately, our webserver had a catastrophic failure on Monday, May 16, and we lost everything. We’re in the midst of rebuilding the website and importing all book reviews. As you can imagine, this will not happen overnight, but all of our staff are working on getting a fully functioning website up and running this week.

If you are an author, publicist, or advertiser, rest assured that every book review and ad will appear on the new website. Just please be patient as we rebuild.

We’re status quo on receiving books and reviewing them, so keep those coming. Below is information on our submission guidelines and how to contact us.


We accept books that have been published in the last 90 days, or will be published in the future under our General Submissions. We receive around 1000 books to review every month, so we cannot guarantee a review unless you go through our Sponsored Review program.

General Submission

If you would like to snail mail us your book, please send two copies to our office listed below. If you have an electronic file of your book, please go to THIS LINK.

Note that your review will be for whichever format of book you’ve sent us. If you’ve sent us a printed book, we’ll use the format, price, and page count on our review. If you’ve uploaded an eBook for us to review, we’ll use that version’s format, price, and page count on our review.

If you answer YES to these questions, send us your book:

My book was published in the last 90 days or will be coming out soon
I understand you are not guaranteeing you’ll review my book

Sponsored Reviews

We have been offering Sponsored Reviews since 2008 and have hundreds of happy authors and publicists. However, just because you have decided you’d like a guaranteed review doesn’t mean you’re buying a glowing review of your book. We’ll do everything in our power to make sure your book gets to the right reviewer, but your book will receive an honest and fair review for you to approve. Should you not want us to publish our review, you will be able to trade it for a website ad that will run for 30 days.

We offer various turnaround times, add-ons (such as two types of interviews), and bundling discounts.

About Us

You may not know it from the bare-bones look of this website, but we’ve been connecting authors with readers through book reviews and advertising since 2008. Once we get the new website running, you’ll see thousands of book reviews. We have a full-time staff of five who will cater to all of your book review or advertising needs.

Heidi Komlofske-Rojek, Owner

You can contact Heidi with questions about the Sponsored Review program, advertising, book cover design, and other book marketing services you need help with. For now, you’ll find her frantically trying to get the new website functioning as quickly as possible.

Contact: [email protected]

Ross Rojek, Editor-in-Chief

Ross is the master-mind behind the company — Book Lord, if you will. He directs the staff on which books to order and conducts all of our podcast author interviews (which you can’t see here on this placeholder website, but they’ll be back up soon).

Contact: [email protected]

Christopher Hayden, Office Manager/Editorial Assistant

Contact Chris if you’re a reviewer and want to know where your book orders are. If you’re a publicist, Chris manages incoming books, getting them assigned to our more than 150 reviewers.

Contact: [email protected]

Faith Lewis, Associate Editor

Faith handles the coordination of guest articles for the website and writes original articles for us. If you’re an author, contact her for article pitches. She also handles our Sponsored Review program.

Contact: [email protected]

Samantha Kingsbury, Editorial Assistant & Copy Editor

Sam is our newest addition to the team. She is responsible for processing all incoming books. She also is our main in-house copy editor. So, if you see grammatical mistakes on the reviews, you can blame her. ha ha. Sam also handles book orders, so if you want to pitch a book to us, she’s your person.

Contact: [email protected]