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Connecting authors with readers through book reviews and advertising.

We produce a bi-monthly magazine called San Francisco Book Review, which features about 150 book reviews in nearly 40 different categories and author-related articles. We also produce a magazine called Kids’ Book Review, featuring more than 80 participating children who range in age from three to eighteen. The KBR magazine produces more than 60 reviews a month, author interviews, and fun activities for kids. Reviews that don’t make it into the magazines are posted here on our website.

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Not only are we the most affordable advertising for your marketing budget, but we also offer coverage for the entire west coast, from San Francisco to Portland, through our digital publications and websites.

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Find out when your favorite author is coming to town for a book signing or speaking tour. Our calendar provides reoccurring events at local Bay Area book stores and libraries, as well as special author appearances.

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