History Nation: A Citizen’s Guide to the History of the United States

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David Hanna has created a useful, richly layered resource that enlightens readers on the history of the USA. His book, History Nation, explores some political and social topics concerning American history, including the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence, religious toleration, women’s right to vote, slavery, the two world wars, and more.

Learn how various brilliant minds shaped history, whether it’s Franklin developing what would become the art of American satire through his letters from a fictional spinster named “Silence Dogood” or Andrew Carnegie creating business approaches that would become “the distinctive features of the American business model in the decades to come”. The book also explores lighter subjects like entertainment and sports, with interesting facts about jazz, baseball, musical instruments, and more.

To read History Nation, you have to come prepared and be ready to open your mind to a more balanced view of history that might be different from what you learned in school or were told by mainstream media. David tells it like it is, with an objective perspective that highlights the ironies of popular ideologies and the flaws of some celebrated historical figures. For example, the book explores the hypocrisy of Thomas Jefferson declaring that “all men are created equal” while benefiting financially from the institution of slavery in his time.

The book is a bountiful supply of information that reflects the author’s attention to detail and his meticulous efforts in crafting it. It explores different moments in American history, from the British encounter with Native Americans to more recent events like when Ronald Reagan gave his Farewell Address to the American people in 1989. Furthermore, it is adorned with quotes, references, and book recommendations. I would love to read Solomon Northup’s 12 Years a Slave, a book the author believes should be “required reading for all students in the United States”.

History Nation is a must-read for those who seek to view the history of the USA from the perspective of a neutral and competent author. Hanna doesn’t waste words but gets his information across skillfully. Since it covers various historical themes and topics in a concise and straightforward manner, the time-constrained reader will appreciate that they can receive great value from it in their spare time.

David’s book is a reminder to never stop learning. Regardless of what’s being shared in the media or being taught in schools, every individual owes it to themselves to seek knowledge and dig deeper to achieve mental freedom. History Nation is one of those books that gives the individual the opportunity to learn from a well-rounded view of history—not a biased, doctored version of it. Seize it!

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Author David Hanna
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 345 pages
Publisher Morris & Essex Books
Publish Date 09-Mar-2024
ISBN 9798218389833
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Issue April 2024
Category History