Interviewed by Kristi Elizabeth

1.   You’ve had an incredible career in the entertainment industry — as a talk show host, producer, writer, and stage performer.  SPIKE UNLEASHED is a sequel to your last book, THE ADVENTURES OF SPIKE THE WONDER DOG.  Why focus on satirical fiction at this point in your career?

Great question. There are a couple of reasons—I’ve been in and out of the world of comedy my entire career. When I decided to commit to writing the Spike books, the voice of Spike came through me, I had the central character instantly, and the voice was that of an outsider (read: a Dog) commenting on us and our society in a rather Seinfeldian manner. It was funny and that’s the genre that came about once I started the writing process. So it began with the miracle process of what writing fiction can be, and I “went with it.”


2.   What inspired you to write this book? 

The idea to create a very original and funny dog as the book’s narrator, who becomes a big TV star with a master with a talk show like I used to have in High Point, just came to me, as I already said. I had the idea and wanted to redefine myself as a full-time writer after a long career in television. So I sat down to do it. The basis of inspiration was the desire to have a creative outlet I could control completely, as well as not wanting to be hunting for yet another job in TV as I grew older.

3.   Did you have any challenges while writing this book? If so, what were they?

No. I enjoyed the process so much that it never felt like work. Once I started, the idea of having “discipline” to do it was not an issue. many days I could hardly wait to get going. I wrote this book in the afternoon.

4.   What is your favorite scene in the book and why?

The Kardashian Day Parade in High Point, N.C., featuring a Kardashian and a baby Kardashian, with Spike not knowing which Kardashian it is when she calls him to the stage. The Kardashian is wearing a new invention, the P.E.F. (a Personal Electronic Fence), as a crown on her head. One of her handlers forgets to turn it off.  Spike runs toward her, and the P.E.F. is set on the maximum setting to protect her from fans getting too close, Spike is nearly electrocuted, and the shock sends him flying through the air. He’s unconscious for 12 hours and has a hallucinated dream that he’s at the MGM Grand Garden arena watching a pricy live pay-per-view event, “Uncovering the Mysteries of Donald Trump’s Hair,” where Geraldo Rivera is slowly cutting DJT’s hair to the likely bald scalp, and each strand is being sold at $100.00 a strand. The only other entertainment is The Mike Pence Irish Dancers. (I said Spike was hallucinating, remember.) There’s way more to the dream, but you gotta’ read the book. The parade is right at the start of the book — Chapter One.

5.   SPIKE UNLEASHED is a terrifically fun — and funny — read, but it also also has offers lots of sly commentary on the world in which we live.  For example, the “Angry Men” in America.  Tell us about Angry Man meals and other spoofs in your book. 

Well, there are now a great deal of angry men in our country who are pissed off all the time for many reasons. Men are angry (and angrier than ever since the release of the “Barbie” movie, I must note).  “Angry Man Meals” were invented by one of these men to serve the newly emerging “Anger Market.” The meals are really bad food laced with just enough steroids to keep you in a chest-pounding fury all day, and go to bed vowing to punch someone in the face first thing in the morning.

There’s another invention in SPIKE UNLEASHED called the “Sex Bit.” It’s worn on a woman’s wrist like a Fit Bit. It measures the level of excitement in her body during sexual activities. At the conclusion of the intimacy, it delivers a score that is assigned to her lover. Many men, by the way, are angry at their scores.

Or there’s “Tony the Talking Trophy,” an app on a child’s phone that enables parents to give completely unwarranted, over-the-top praise to their child no matter where the kid is. All of a sudden, the App says stuff like, “You’re the Greatest, have a trophy.” Or “So what that you struck out four times in the game yesterday? Have a trophy for your collection.”

6.   Can you talk about your writing process and how you approach writing a novel?
I let it flow.  I say to myself, “Let it rip.” I really swing for the fences with the scenes and characters. I “Image In’ ( I have always had an extremely vivid visual imagination.) I see the scenes unfold in my mind like a movie, and that directs the writing process. Editing and re-editing are crucial parts of it all for me. I generally write for about two hours, fueled by iced tea.
7. Can you tell us about any deleted scenes or plotlines that didn’t make it into the final version of the book?
Nothing of note that I recall.
8. Do you have any favorite quotes from the book? If so, what are they?
Spike’s father, Rocky, appears in the story. Spike recalls what his father said to him when he was an eight-week-old puppy, the night before he was to leave his litter with his new master, Bud. “You have a special quality, Elmer.” (Elmer was Spike’s name before Bud purchased him and gave him the name, Spike)  “Your mother and I have had three litters, and we know you are destined for great things. You will be tested, but, Elmer, never forget that if you believe in yourself you will prevail.”
 9.  What was your favorite part of the editing and revision process?
The first few moments of the first day of the first edit. There I was on page one, feeling overwhelming happiness and satisfaction that I had climbed the writing mountain and reached the summit. I was smiling with joy. And that’s what I meant earlier when I said I wanted a creative outlet I could control completely. My ultimate goal, by the way, is to have both Spike books optioned for a streaming cartoon series.
10. How do you hope readers will feel after finishing your book?
A few years back, I interviewed Barry Manilow for my PBS show, “My Generation.” I asked him, “What’s your goal each night with your live performances?” Barry said, “I want the audience to feel. I want them to feel better when they leave than when they came in. I know some of the people out there may be sitting with a lot of problems, but if I can make them feel better, I’ve done my job.”
I want the reader to feel better in all ways, because of the laughter, entertainment value, and insights the book provides into the many absurdities and unnecessary distractions that can easily dominate our lives. Laughter is the best medicine, and that’s what Spike and I are offering the reader.
(That interview with Barry is available on my YouTube channel, BillBoggsTV)




Bill Boggs, author of SPIKE UNLEASHED, is an Emmy Award–winning TV talk show host, producer, and writer. His books include the novels, At First Sight and The Adventures of Spike The Wonder Dog, plus the self-help book, Got What It Takes?. His TV credits include the long-running Midday Live out of New York City and programs on Food Network, PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC, ESPN, Travel Channel, and Showtime. Bill served as the executive producer of the Morton Downey Jr. Show and was the co-creator/host of the syndicated series Comedy Tonight. BillBoggsTV on YouTube features hundreds of Bill’s interviews with many notable personalities of our time. He divides his time between New York City, East Hampton, and Palm Beach. You can learn more at