This Spells Love: A Novel

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Gemma has just broken up with her ex-boyfriend and decides to do a love cleanse. She is shocked when it works and propels her into an alternate universe where she gets a fresh start. She explores what would have happened if her best friend had become her boyfriend, and her professional life becomes one where she followed a dream rather than the safe bet.

A fun take on friends-to-lovers romance, Gemma and Dax are endearing lead characters that seem destined for one another. I adored the setting of Hamilton, Ontario, and learning about the sport of curling was so fun. Gemma grows so much throughout the story and realizes that she is risk averse, which leads to a lot of her unhappiness. The ability to go back in time and change things, while also realizing how several moments led to unexpected consequences kept this story engaging. I loved Gemma’s dream to open her own natural skincare shop, what a cool job!

If I didn’t have other responsibilities, I would have devoured this book in one sitting. The dialogue was hilarious, the romance scenes were extra steamy, and it was just a treat to read.

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Author Kate Robb
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 352 pages
Publisher Random House Publishing Group
Publish Date 05-Dec-2023
ISBN 9780593596531 Buy this Book
Issue January 2024
Category Romance