Zbinden’s Progress

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I never thought about explaining life through comparisons between experiences and observations but this method is exactly what we use each and every day to describe life. Zbinden’s Progress is an elegant array of such comparisons between the lives of Lukas Zbinden, his wife, and his son. The tale is intimately personal but is surprisingly universal leaving the reader with numerous moving observations. For example, Zbinden provides a comparison between those who become walkers in life and those who become drivers. He starts through his experiences with proper walking shoes then flows into his son’s need for only house slippers since his son relies solely on driving.

All of Zbinden’s observations are in this form and freely flow without a true plot or form. Do not let this lack of structure deter you as the work is quiet compelling for its short eloquent summary of life including its triumphs and pitfalls.

And Other Stories is an interesting publisher that takes the crowd sourcing approach to publication. It sets up reading groups in various languages which identify the best modern literature for that language. This model works because I have yet to come across an And Other Stories publication that I have not liked.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 172 pages
Publisher And Other Stories
Publish Date 2014-Jan-14
ISBN 9781908276100
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Issue February 2014
Category Popular Fiction


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