Why Can’t I Stop?: Reclaiming Your Life from a Behavioral Addiction

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Dr. Grant’s Why Can’t I Stop? provides a glimpse into the world of behaviour addictions. This book looks at those behavioural addictions that most closely resemble drug addiction. The beginning chapters cover what it means to have a behavioural addiction, how they may develop, and the fact that they oft pair with physical addictions of some sort.

The next seven chapters cover the behavioural addictions they found most resembling drug addiction – gambling, stealing, sex, internet, food, shopping/buying, hair-pulling, and skin picking. Each has its own devoted chapter that covers development, which drug addiction paths it may be similar too, genetic and environmental factors in development, treatment goals, and best therapy methods. Each also has case studies to illustrate points. The final chapters cover causes of behavioural disorders and how family and friends can help.

This book is written by a doctor, but it is meant for the average person to read, the people who may be burdened with one of these issues, or for the family and friends of such a person to help them better understand what is going on. Sometimes things necessarily get a bit technical, but I found it an easy read.

Honestly, I had very personal reasons for reading this book. I have one of the described behavioural conditions. My past attempts at ‘resetting’ my behaviour have been met with frustrating failure. Thinking of this condition in terms of a drug addiction was a bit hard to swallow at first. The mind wanted to rebel ferociously, a good sign there’s truth behind the words. My next feelings were ones of relief. I may be able to fix it after all! This book was also very helpful to my family in understanding my behaviour in a different light. Reading the section most pertinent to me helped them begin to accept that the problem is real and how difficult it is for me to just ‘stop’.

Highly recommended if you have one of the listed behavioural issues or know someone who does. It offers a whole new perspective on things. Also recommended for psychology students or enthusiasts.

Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 232 pages
Publisher The Johns Hopkins University Press
Publish Date 2016-05-13
ISBN 9781421419657
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Issue July 2016
Category Health, Fitness & Dieting


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