Whitehall (Season 1 Episode 3): “On His Blindness”

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Three things are obvious: 1) You can knock Barbara down a notch, but she climbs right back up. 2) Catherine’s journey to England to become its new queen through her marriage to Charles II is helping her find a strength she never knew she had. 3) With two strong-minded women in his life and a country to rule, Charles may have an easier time leading the country than keeping his women completely in check.

A name is stricken off the list for Lady of the Bedchamber. Battles of will are at a standstill between the King and Queen. A power hungry mistress fights to gain what she feels she deserves. Needless to say, while there is work to be done by the many maids and servants in the castle there are plenty of whispers floating around to keep them entertained as they work.

Whitehall seems to have started at a sprint and just keeps on going with no sign of slowing down in sight. Episode 2 is definitely an episode of retaliation, deception, and emotion bubbling to the surface. “Bold” can hardly describe the actions by Charles, Barbara, and Catherine. There is a famous line from English playwright and poet William Congrave, ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.’ I believe that this episode takes this quote and alters it a bit to imply ‘Hell hath no fury like an underestimated woman.’ Which woman prevails has yet to be seen, but after reading episodes one through three it is still anyone’s game. Keep up with Whitehall by reading episodes one through three so you are ready to join the scandalous exploits that are sure to come!


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Star Count 5/5
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Issue June 2016
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