Rising from the Ashes

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Rising from the Ashes tells a story of trauma and triumph with characters that will touch your heart and stay with you long after the last page. At age 17, Christina McIntyre suffers an unimaginable traumatic event that she physically survives but scars her deeply. After years spent healing and being guarded with the help of her parents, she suffers yet another tragedy. Blessed with a kind, caring, and understanding boss, Tina (the name she adopts after her first trauma) finds safety, friendship, and solace at work. At home, she finds these same things in a secure apartment with a full-time housekeeper and bodyguard who have become her family. Focused on her career and advancing in her company, Tina is thrown for a loop when her boss introduces her to Cliff, a contractor. As Tina learns more about Cliff’s character and strong belief in faith and family, she begins to let her guard down. After keeping men and personal relationships at a distance for so long, does Cliff hold the key to unlocking Tina’s heart and help her learn to love laugh and trust again?

Powerful and moving are the best words to describe Rising from the Ashes. Through her detailed and deliberate writing, she brings to life the horrific, healing, and ultimately wonderful events that Tina experiences throughout the book. While some scenes are graphic in nature and may make some feel uncomfortable, they have a purpose and are not simply gratuitous. It is clear that these scenes are necessary for readers to truly experience Tina’s journey. These scenes also give the book a tangible quality that will touch readers in many different ways. From anger and heartbreak, to compassion, faith and rejoicing, it is clear that Wells’ intention was not only to tell a story about a girl, but to invite her readers into the story so that they can experience and take this journey first with just Tina and then with both Tina and Cliff. This book is definitely one that should not be missed.

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Star Count 4.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 360 pages
Publisher XlibrisUS
Publish Date 23-Jan-2016
ISBN 9781514416518
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Issue May 2016
Category Romance


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