The Shadows of Paradise City

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What is a shadow? A shadow is someone who thrives on a few secret interests and walks around shrouded in black, strangely decorated, and could very well be viewed as a societal misfit. With the guidance and sometimes risky advice of his favorite shadow Bayer, Benjamin drops out of school and begins to build his scholarly prowess by having Bayer educate him with the wonders of literature and comprehension in order to get prepared for the general education proficiency exam. The Shadows of Paradise City contains some themes that young adults will be able to relate to. Drug abuse, bullying, crime, child abuse, homelessness, and even romance were covered throughout the text; however, the author Brad Allen Hoover did not inundate his novel with an over representation of each theme, therefore giving the reader space to decipher his own meaning or draw logical conclusions about the plot. Benjamin was a pleasure to know, and I admired how Mr. Hoover permitted his character to grow intellectually and socially despite the roadblocks he faces in the beginning. Readers will also like the dramatic play throughout the plot which brings a lot of energy and suspense. This was an excellent coming-of-age novel.

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Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 203 pages
Publisher Bookbaby
Publish Date 2014-May-30
ISBN 9781483529738 Buy this Book
Issue November 2014
Category Young Adult


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