The Science of the Quran: Proving God’s Existence through Established Modern Science

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Books on religion sometimes miss the mark. The Science of the Quran looks at how the Quran predicted scientific discoveries, focusing in on the issues that translators have had with the language involved. It picks through the language, sometimes breaking it down and showing how the need for followers to interpret the Quran has affected the translation. It also looks at the Islamic tradition in a number of different areas, showing that it is more than the followers in today’s news.

Although there are a number of examples that were a little stretched, this book, overall, makes for some interesting reading. If nothing else, it gives a fresh look at translations of the Quran, demonstrating that there the interpretation of the Quran depends on its translation. The linguistic breakdown of the verse presented makes for some interesting reading, as does the clarification of the so-called “grey verses,” which no doubt make for some interesting discussions. The importance of looking at the translation is important in a book like this, and Hassan deserves kudos for his work in that area.

As for the science content itself, there are some minor issues. Some of the scientific terms are a little off, but that was bound to happen, given the amount of material covered. Also, there are some areas where the science was stretched a little, especially when it came to sections where the predictions would have been pretty obvious, such as the increase in boats to gigantic size. However, the look at how the Quran predicted much of our science is fascinating, especially given the strong Islamic scientific tradition; that the Quran did predict as much science as it did is remarkable. This a great book to read through, especially for those looking for something that combines science and religion.

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Star Count 3/5
Format Trade
Page Count 213 pages
Publisher Lido Horizons Publishing
Publish Date 01-Jun-2012
ISBN 9780615499840 Buy this Book
Issue December 2012
Category Religion


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