The Rose Not Taken

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The Rose Not Taken by K.T. Barnett is a sensual romance that will seduce and enchant readers from beginning to end. Barnett has woven together an enjoyable read filled with passion, lust, and intimacy designed for mature audiences capable of grasping and appreciating the adult content. Our story follows Estera Hornbrook, an elite sex worker, who captivates her clients as smoothly as she enthralls readers. Across the chapters, we attend appointments and obtain insight into our main characters day-to-day. As she visits with friends and goes about her life, we gain tremendous, well-rounded insight into the complexities of our main character and her field. But when a new client captures her interest, Estera can’t help but consider leaving the industry altogether. Barnett has constructed a well-rounded, sensual narrative that captures the excitement of Estera’s industry, while accurately portraying the complex emotions surrounding this field. More than just this new client pulls Estera to consider a new field of work. The complexities of the field, such as the closeness developed with clients, cause Estera to step back and wonder if it is time to step into something new. However, this is far from an easy decision as her appointments and pleasant lifestyle illustrate. Readers’ mouths will water as they read the description of Estera’s feline performance, a true full-body presentation. Barnett’s words paint a tantalizing picture explaining, “Estera next prowled toward Richard, slowly, moving with ballet-like precision and grace, the sheerness of her suit sensuously exhibiting Estera’s musculature and femininity with each of her long-drawn-out movements.”. Through the chapters, readers will travel on this journey with Estera and come to appreciate the multifaceted nature of sex work. Estera’s ultimate decision may resonate with some but not others but with that said, everyone will step back and consider what they would do in Estera’s shoes. Would you leave the industry for love? For a deeper love and appreciation of yourself? Barnett’s work captures the depth of this field and the complexities of these relationships. Estera’s decision ultimately has less to do with her new client and so much more with a deeper understanding of herself and her own personal journey. Barnett’s exceptional storyline and complexity of character earn this read five stars, as readers will return to her pages again and again. K.T. Barnett’s The Rose Not Taken will entice, charm, and captivate readers across pages, beyond chapters, and certainly over time. This is an exceptional work to add to your bookshelf and share with friends.

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 164 pages
Publisher Koehler Books
Publish Date 28-Nov-2020
ISBN 9781646632190 Buy this Book
Issue July 2021
Category Romance