The Power of Twin Soul Love

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Ever since Betsey Townsend was little, her grandmother used to tell her stories about how she believes Betsey was kissed by her soulmate right before she was born, as a promise to find her one day. She believed in the idea that we all had a soulmate, or a twin, whether we realized it or not. But twenty-four years later, Betsey is single, without children, and unemployed and realizes that she is a version of herself that has stopped having faith in the fate her grandmother believed in. That is, until she reestablished a friendship with Mark, the owner of the magazine called Reunion. This begins their story and the development of the greatest love in Betsey’s life. Twin Soul Love is the text reincarnate of a romantic ideal: an organic meeting, the notion of the “one,” and a great background story worthy of sharing with the grandkids. It’s a book that advocates for the idea of a soulmate.

I felt that the overall tone of the book was meant to instill hope and inspire its readers to let themselves feel open to true love like Betsey; however, personally, I didn’t really feel it was consistently believable. And, as consequence, the book read less like a fictional narrative and more like a short opinion piece. It could be that it’s difficult to articulate an emotion as strong as a connection that one would feel with their soulmate, and while there were moments where I did feel that hope and that connection to the narrator, the descriptive nature of the writing toward the end felt over the top at times. I feel as though readers’ opinions of this book will be polarized between those who strongly believe in the idea of “the one” and those who do not necessarily subscribe to that notion.

The novel is told from Betsey’s perspective, and it is her great love story. And that, alone, provides a sense of voyeurism and living vicariously through her. But, ultimately, between the text itself being short, and the ending feeling abrupt, I didn’t feel as affected as I expected or hoped to.

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Star Count 3.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 104 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 07-Oct-2014
ISBN 9781493736485 Buy this Book
Issue February 2015
Category Spirituality & Inspiration


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