The Mysterious World of the Human Genome

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In the earlier part of the twentieth century, it was held by most thinkers that the genome was nowhere near as complex as it is. It took the genius of Crick and Watson in nineteen fifty-three to crack the code and realize the vast significance of DNA. Today the picture is broadened by the work of the many scholars and scientists who continue to contribute to discovering the true secret of life. All this is marvelously catalogued and sequenced by Frank Ryan in his remarkable new book, The Mysterious World of the Human Genome.

Ryan examines every aspect of genome study, including putting the historical emergence of discovery into a unique perspective. The author does more than chronicling the science surrounding genome study, he reveals the way in which the genome works and how it evolves, giving us a broad window into nature’s greatest wonders.

The book is nothing short of a powerful explanation of where we come from and a quest to examine where we are going. I think that Frank Ryan will soon join the ranks of those about whom he writes and will become part of a revaluation that moves science forward.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 300 pages
Publisher Prometheus Books
Publish Date 16-Feb-2016
ISBN 9781633881525 Buy this Book
Issue March 2016
Category Science & Nature


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