The Bay Men’s Wake

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Nothing seems to draw the memories like a funeral. When Evert Bay Scott attends the The Bay Men’s Wake of his oldest friend Cole he dredges up old memories of the adventures that the two of them had poaching clams when they were just boys. They were running from the authorities even as they were running their clam business, making for some exciting times as well as when they were raking in clams as mollusks and dollars. They were some exciting times, and the comparisons to the current situation make for some interesting stories, making this a quick read.

The stories are told in an episodic fashion; short stories based on Scott’s memories are framed with current memories making for effective stories. Although there are some chapters where he just catches up with the journey to the wake, as well as the wake itself, in general the pattern is kept up throughout the book. The stories are fun enough, and the framework keeps it nicely grounded and adds a somber touch, making for a total package. The one flaw is that there needed to be a little more theme going on to make it a proper story, but it works admirably as a remembrance of a man’s life, the good, the bad, and the interesting.

This makes for an excellent book for tweens with their interest in quick, fun stories about what real people did. Cole could be a hero for the right boy looking for a mentor. Although there could have been more stories to act as a bridge between the different eras, as well as a few more encounters with the law, both good and bad, this is a great book. It is a great book for someone looking to remember the good and bad of someone recently lost, as well as for boys just hitting puberty.

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Star Count 3/5
Format Trade
Page Count 144 pages
Publisher Xlibris
Publish Date 25-Feb-2013
ISBN 9781479786725 Buy this Book
Issue September 2013
Category Historical Fiction


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