Savage Liberty: A Mystery of Revolutionary America

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This is my first introduction to Mr. Pittston’s work, and I can only say I was totally impressed with his talent and his ability to captivate a reader. I learned that this is the fifth adventure involving one Duncan McCallum, a young Scotsman now living in America, enlisted in the British Navy. The time is a just before the Revolutionary War when the cloud of suspicion is over everyone. It’s only when a ship is destroyed in Boston Harbor and Duncan is the only survivor that the assumption and implication that he is a traitor forces him to flee for his life. Duncan must keep on the run, knowing if he stops he will be executed before he can prove his innocence. The story introduces not only historical figures such as John Hancock, Samuel Addams, and the Sons of Liberty, the author expertly blends fact and fiction, bringing not only adventure but mystery to this novel that keeps us intrigued throughout the 382 pages.

I recommend this book not only for those who love history and mystery but for someone who enjoys a good story.

It undisputedly deserves five stars; I’d give it seven if I could.

Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 224 pages
Publisher Counterpoint
Publish Date 2018-May-22
ISBN 9781619027213 Buy this Book
Issue July 2018
Category Historical Fiction


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