Raw Redemption

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Ahhhhh…. I can’t believe this is the last installment to the Crossing the Line series. It truly is a bittersweet feeling to say goodbye to the cast of undercover misfits that Tessa Bailey has created. In her final installment, Tessa Bailey sends her readers on one final journey where a disgraced cop falls hard for a criminal’s daughter and together they find redemption, love, and a second chance at life.

“This girl. She was either going to be his reason for living or the reason he died. It was all right there, shining in front of him like a spotlight.”

In Raw Redemption, Tessa Bailey introduces readers to Henrik Vance, a disgraced cop who ruined his career when he got rid of evidence that would put Ailish O’Kelly behind bars. In order to protect Ailish and redeem himself, Henrik must join a secret undercover unit where a bunch of misfits and criminals are put together to take down other criminals. In the case regarding Ailish O’Kelly, Henrik makes it his mission to protect the girl from her criminal father even if it means breaking the law and committing murder.

Who is Ailish O’Kelly? Ailish is not only the daughter and prisoner of a ruthless criminal – her father. Forced to do his dirty dealings, Ailish has had enough of the life that kept her captive. When Ailish ran away from her father, a bounty was on her head for her return. It didn’t take long until her father’s lackeys discovered where she was hiding – forcing her to run and hide again. This time, Ailish didn’t count on Henrik showing up on her doorstep.

“This girl really did love acting on the temptation, and maybe that should have irritated him. Or made him worry for the future of his sanity. Right now, it only turned him the fuck on. She was his naughty girl to endure. Bring it on.”

When Henrik shows up, Ailish is taken aback by his presence. She doesn’t know what to make of Henrik and his domineering, yet gentle personality. She is well aware that they are both attracted to each other and it’s only a matter of time until their raw sexual tension can no longer be contained.

Henrik knows without a doubt that Ailish is unlike any other woman that he has met. Her beauty, strong personality, and intelligence was driving him mad with lust and it continued to get stronger each time they spent with one another. But with danger threatening the safety of Ailish, Henrik will do what is needed in order to protect the woman that has gotten under his skin and heart.

“This is trust. The weight of the metal cuffs had only been transferred to her heart. She never wanted to be separated from the man holding her so tightly. And she knew —without a single doubt— letting her go would hurt him just as much as leaving would pain her. But he’d do it.”

Ailish wants a fresh start. A new start in life where she doesn’t have to be defined by what she did under her father’s criminal reign. How far will Ailish go to redeem herself? Will it mean sacrificing herself to protect Henrik?

“I want to go harder. I need to. Need to make that pussy sore, then soothe it with some hot come. Need to make you a slave to this dick. You want that, Lish?”

Raw Redemption is a great conclusion to this series. Yes, it is a bittersweet feeling to say goodbye to the beloved cast of misfits, but they each were an important element in making the Crossing the Lines series one of my favorites by Tessa Bailey. In this last farewell to the crew, Tessa Bailey reminded us once again that even criminals and disgraced cops can redeem themselves if they choose to. For Henrik and Ailish, they were not only able to get their second chance at life, but they were also able to heat up the pages. As much as I loved this book, I did not rate it a full five start. Though Tessa Bailey built up the sexual tension between the hero and heroine, I felt it needed more – especially towards the shocking end. The ending felt a little rushed for my taste and I wished the author included more details regarding the storyline and the palpable connection between the hero and heroine towards the end of the big showdown. Other than that, Raw Redemption is a solid good read that ties up and concludes the series. So if you are looking for a story that intertwines steam, suspense, romance, heat, passion, and second chances then look no further than Raw Redemption and the entire Crossing the Lines series. If that doesn’t persuade you in reading then you are truly missing out on a great series by Tessa Bailey.

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Star Count 4.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 304 pages
Publisher Entangled: Select
Publish Date 2016-06-13
ISBN 9781633753488
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Issue August 2016
Category Romance


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