Poetry With Reason II

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This book is a collection of poems written in verse that are meant to uplift the reader’s spirit. Despite all our trials and tribulations, these poems remind us that there is a higher being that is guiding us through love. The imagery is highly Christian, and there are constant references to God and Jesus. Some poems even contain references to the prophets of the Old Testament (specifically Joseph, Noah, Abraham, and Moses).

Some of the themes are religious, and strictly Christian, such as accepting Christ as a personal Savior, being born again, etc. Other themes are more contemporary, such as racism, injustice, COVID-19. The answer to all our ills is faith in God and adherence to His will. While the situations described can be heartbreaking, the tone is positive and the narrative is uplifting. Part way through the book, the resurrection story is told through the eyes of a rabbit, as it witnessed the events leading up to and including the resurrection. Woven into the story is also the egg.

The poems call on readers to be grateful for what they have, to be considered blessed, and to have faith. A message we can all benefit from in these times.

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Star Count 3.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 130 pages
Publisher Amazon
Publish Date 7/1/2020
ISBN 9781073564828
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Issue September 2020
Category Poetry & Short Stories


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