My Four Hollywood Husbands

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My Four Hollywood Husbands weaves a fascinating tale of romance, self-discovery, and perseverance cast with a star-studded set of characters. Joyce Bulifant provides intimate behind-the-scenes insight into her career, growing family, and personal progression that skillfully captures the extensive strength and honesty overflowing from these pages. Those familiar with timeless features such as The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Perry Mason, The Match Game, Airplane, and The Happiest Millionaire will instantly connect with our heroine and appreciate the additional details about her life and career. The contextual elements that she shares captivatingly expand on television and film productions and provide substantial insight into the casts’ interactions and exchanges. Candidly, Bulifant reveals, “When I was on my way to the recording studio to do my song, Walt Disney came down from his office…I couldn’t believe Walt Disney was escorting me. He gave me a wide smile.” In other sections, she explains, “It was always a chore to try to get up the stairs to my dressing room without running into Gene Rayburn, the host of the show…Gene would try to plant a big wet kiss on me as I passed by. I sure didn’t like it but tried not to offend him.” My Four Hollywood Husbands reveals all of these tidbits in such a thoughtful, perceptive manner that even the most precarious of characters emerge as endearing. Joyce Bulifant does not shy away from anyone’s faults, but with that said she lends context and sympathy to each individual’s narrative. Even those unfamiliar with the writer’s career will appreciate the personal exploration and self-discovery that the novel presents. It’s never too late to face one’s demons or encourage a loved one to seek assistance. After years of mistreatment and exploitation, it takes substantial strength to recognize the conflict, ask for help, and share one’s personal journey. Joyce Bulifant has lived so much of her life in front of the public. Even so, sharing one’s intimate progression of self-discovery so freely with an audience will inspire many readers in their own private exploration. Bulifant’s poignant recollections of how she “felt embarrassed, defeated and just plain stupid” after checking into a shelter for victims of abuse and left wondering, “Why is it so hard to forgive one’s self?” capture sincere emotions felt by many who seek help. My Four Hollywood Husbands captivatingly merges the flair and excitement of Hollywood with the genuine day-to-day experiences of a working wife, mother, and daughter.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 315 pages
Publisher Tilton Bass Publishing
Publish Date 2017-Oct-03
ISBN 0978099138583 Buy this Book
Issue November 2017
Category Biographies & Memoirs


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