Left at the Mango Tree

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Baby Almondine has barely reached the age of one before she makes the newspaper on the island of Oh—not just once, but twice. As a white baby born on an island inhabited by blacks, Almondine thows Oh into chaos. At the same time, thousands of Oh’s famous pineapples are being stolen, disappearing completely without a trace. The islanders, primarily Almondine’s grandfather, Raoul, begin searching for the answer to the baby’s anomalous appearance in hopes that both mysteries can be solved. Some believe it to be magic plaguing the island, and others think that Almondine’s mother simply had an affair, but the truth lies hidden until Almondine, grown and moved away from Oh, decides to return and claim her past. If Almondine can summon the courage to look beyond the lies and use the island to uncover its secrets, she will be able to change the lives of the people living on Oh.

Left at the Mango Tree is impeccably written; the words are beautiful and the descriptions are compelling, but it is still simply phrased enough that it is clear what the author is attempting to convey. While there are some fallacies within the logic of the plot, they can be overlooked, as the story overall is endearing and fulfilling. It has the demure yet heartwarming feel of an Alexander McCall Smith novel, and while it is set in a modern fictional island, the sense of mystery makes it somewhat magical. And though it may not be one of those books you just cannot put down, each time you pick it up, you will feel like you are transported into another world. Left at the Mango Tree is an important novel; it is a modern classic that demands to be read for its beautifully penned storyline.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 283 pages
Publisher Pink Moon Press
Publish Date 19-Sep-2013
ISBN 9780989686303
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Issue August 2014
Category Popular Fiction


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