Kissed by the Moon

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Readers who like their romance novels mixed with some fantasy, the paranormal, witchcraft, and mischief will thoroughly enjoy Chandra Leigh’s book Kissed by the Moon. Selina Tamson, the main character, is questioning many things in her life. Readers meet Selina just as she acknowledges a hard truth about her current relationship. Why continue seeing a man with whom she has no intention of raising children? All she wants to find is her knight in shining armor to love and start a family. While Selina fills her best friend, Carmen, in on the break up details, Carmen invites her to a dinner. The only catch is that in addition to Carmen and her husband, someone else will be there…a very single someone else.

Kieran Blackwell donates money to the zoo where Selina works as a veterinarian, he drives a motorcycle, which Selina finds to be incredibly sexy, and he is willing to debate with her over controversial issues, such as fate versus religion and belief in God. Kieran sees magic everywhere and thinks that everyone has access to magic as long as they believe. Can the two find common ground?

Told from Selina’s point of view, the story unfolds at a nice pace, revealing important details about Selina and her growing abilities. Leigh’s use of dialogue keeps the story moving quickly. The author explores themes of personal journeys, fear, desire, dreams, hopes, self-awareness, open-minded thinking and tolerance. Readers will enjoy Leigh’s descriptions of Seattle and the surrounding areas. She comments on the city’s architecture and the diversity of the people. Selina’s sisters own a store called “Harvest Moon Books and Sundries” and they are very in tune with their spiritual side. They carry books on witchcraft, meditation, spiritualism, chemistry, herbology, and human artifacts and history. Sometimes it seems they can even see the future and hear whispers on the wind. Her sisters teach Selina about tarot cards and psychic readings, spirit guides, and the conscious versus the subconscious. After experiencing fantastical dreams, Selina must resolve her own feelings about magic versus miracle and her uncertainty about faith coexisting with magic.

Danger comes with her discoveries and Kieran may be the only one who can help Selina find her way. Kissed by the Moon is the first book in a planned series.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 320 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 31-Mar-2012
ISBN 9781468049558 Buy this Book
Issue August 2012
Category Romance


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