James Clyde and the Tomb of Salvation

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In this exciting second adventure, James Clyde is back with a quest that brings him and his closest friends searching for a map that leads to the Tomb of Salvation. The Tomb is where three diamonds are meant to be returned, but the journey won’t be easy. The quest brings James and his friends up against dangerous assassins, the man in black, and lake monsters in a race against Queen Abigail to reach the Tomb first. The Tomb comes with its own danger as the legends say that a demon will be brought to life and destroy all who enter.

This action-packed quest is a thrilling read with playful humor that will have you chuckling, action moments that builds suspense, and an adventure that is fun from beginning to end. The plot is reminiscent of Indiana Jones, only aimed at younger readers with light humor and a magical hue woven into the world. The adventure is told from the perspective of children as the heroics are left in their hands to fight assassins, stop the bad guys, and find the Tomb. The world of Orchestra is infused with music and magic to create a place where anything is possible, which makes it easy for these children to bring their adventures to life.

James Clyde and his friends are the core of the adventure, with their bond adding heart to the story as they support and confide in each other. Ben, Mary, and Simon each play an important role in James’ adventure as those who are always fighting at his side. The bond between them is one of a family which is where James’ strength is rooted and what drives him forward. Their adventure introduces them to Dr. Shaw and his daughter Ella, who become important to the search and hold the key to answers about the Tomb. The perspective shifts between various characters, even Queen Abigail, and her journey of discovery is highlighted throughout as her motivations for finding the Tomb slowly becomes clearer.

Several themes are explored throughout which are woven into the lessons that James discovers, with the purpose of the Tomb being more than a catalyst for adventure. It’s about salvation and second chances as the adventure allows James to discover the promise of unity and better days for the world of Orchestra which raises new hope for their future. James Clyde and the Tomb of Salvation is an unforgettable adventure that is packed with action and humor in a tale that weaves themes of hope, salvation, promise, and unity.

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Star Count 4.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 346 pages
Publisher Self Published
Publish Date 11-Jan-2018
ISBN 978152722956
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Issue May 2020
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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