Individual Performer to Manager – A Practical Guide to Career Advancement into Management

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Individual Performer to Manager: A Practical Guide to Career Advancement into Management by Norm E. Oshiro provides a straightforward blueprint to professional individuals looking to advance and improve as supervisors in the workplace. Oshiro’s concise design is based on years of experience in a variety of professional roles that have thoroughly honed his perceptions of successful leadership in places of business. He captures snapshots of his experiences and shares them through various examples and scenarios, thereby demonstrating the real-world application of his advice. These thoughtful personal examples clarify and expand on the instruction provided, which makes his guidance all the more accessible and user-friendly. Through this approach, readers will “find that although it covers some of the hard business management aspects, it covers more of the day-to-day interactions and challenges, and ‘soft’ aspects, things that are generally not covered in an MBA program.” His overview covers everything from things to keep in mind when donning sensible casual attire and the importance of acting as a professional outside of work to addressing difficult concerns with a subordinate or superior. His chapter on expecting uncomfortable, overwhelming, and, at times, terrifying situations, encourages readers to prepare for worst-case scenarios and recognize these situations as opportunities, not punishments. Despite covering such a broad spectrum of topics and areas of concern, Oshiro’s text remains focused and well-organized. His information flows naturally and clearly comes from an informed perspective. Applying even a few of Oshiro’s suggestions, readers will quickly see the positive results in their own day-to-day experiences. Moreover, readers will obtain a deeper understanding of past professional experiences, those considered triumphs and those deemed blunders. So often, moments occur within business that lack closure or clarity. As professionals, we are sometimes left feeling as though a business meeting or interaction could have gone better, but struggle to see where things could improve. Oshiro’s work will provide insight into those past professional pitfalls and misunderstandings, and coach readers on how to avoid future missteps. Outside of the business environment, readers will readily apply Oshiro’s wise words across personal activities and events. This speaks to the relevancy of Oshiro’s work in a variety of day-to-day interactions. The approachability and implications of Oshiro’s book garner a resounding 5 stars. Norm E. Oshiro’s Individual Performer to Manager: A Practical Guide to Career Advancement into Management is an invaluable text that will assist readers to avoid professional blunders and address concerns in a constructive, productive manner to ensure continued professional growth and success.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 195 pages
Publisher Self-Published through Amazon KDP
Publish Date 2018-12-07
ISBN 9781729634837 Buy this Book
Issue December 2019
Category Business & Investing


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