He’s My Vampire

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He’s My Vampire is an interesting idea with a horrible execution. Shifting between first and third person narrative, Josette Jackson’s vampiric tale feels a little too familiar to be considered anything other than fan fiction with vulgar language throughout.

The sex itself is both incredibly descriptive and wholly uninteresting. Jackson’s attempts to paint the desires of Josalene Parker and her mysterious Vampire lover, Andrieu Capionelli, are at times laughable due to nonsensical metaphors and often repeated details. The interactions between these two characters are largely told around descriptions of their genitalia, leaving both characters to seem bland one-note generalizations.

The story follows Josalene as she is protected, and stalked, by vampire Andrieu. As star-crossed lovers in a previous life, Andrieu is attempting to convert and impregnate Josalene before she can be found and sold by her previous incarnation’s father. Jackson is surprisingly effective at creating unique vampire politics that could lead to a really great book, but allows herself to be frequently distracted by descriptions of Andrieu’s pretty face and outlining both characters’ arousal. As such, it’s surprising that the sex is brief, unimaginative, and rather vanilla with periodic biting and blood sucking tossed in.

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Star Count 1/5
Format eBook
Page Count 30 pages
Publisher Kindle Direct Publishing
Publish Date 2013-Dec-25
ISBN 0000070420162
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Issue June 2014
Category Erotica


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