Elevating Overman

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Ira Overman has lived a life steeped in mediocrity. A car salesman, he is divorced and has two children he is all but estranged from, and no real future to look forward to. But after a routine eye surgery, Overman finds himself suddenly in possession of a new sense of self and and an amazing amount of willpower. Without even really meaning to, Overman finds himself suddenly not only bettering himself and his life, but also revisiting the poor choices that mark his life and trying to improve the lives of others. From developing a relationship to his kids to seeking out an old classmate who was deeply wronged, Overman is determined to put his new gifts to good use.

Bruce Ferber is an Emmy-nominated writer, known for his contributions to several television shows, and his talent shines in his first novel. Elevating Overman is a brilliantly-written novel with an amusing plot and a cast of full-bodied characters that are so ridiculous that they come across as truly authentic. From Nancy, the true-to-life condescending ex-wife, to Jake, the arrogant-turned-hero-worshiping best friend, this novel is full of characters that readers will love even as they appreciate not knowing them in real life. Ira Overman himself is the quintessential anti-hero; an overweight middle-aged man with a sorry excuse for a life. Certainly the world is past expecting great things of him, which is why it’s such a pleasure to read along as he reconnects with his children (befuddling his ex-wife in the process), tells off his awful boss, helps to repair his best friend’s marriage, and reconnects with an old friend from high school. Ferber is a skilled author, and he surely has a bright future as a novelist should he choose to continue down this career path.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 307 pages
Publisher Fulcourt Press
Publish Date
ISBN 9780985322106
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Issue August 2012
Category Humor/Fiction


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