Epic Fail

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The unthinkable has happened: the Internet has crashed. Because pretty much everything is dependent on the Internet to some extent, it doesn’t take long for society to begin to dissolve into chaos. Pat Nelson, lead tech support at the Boston Sun newspaper, acts quickly to disconnect his network from the outside world, and that, combined with out-of-date equipment, means that they are able to keep operating after the crash. Meanwhile, Pat’s daughter, seventeen-year-old Micki, feels bereft without her blog, but senses that the story of her lifetime is out there if she can only go find it. She convinces her best friend Tim to hit the road with her. The two soon fall in with terrorist group The Move, led by the enigmatic Church, who claims to know how to restore the Internet, but who might actually be out to destroy any chance of its return with the help of an army of disenchanted and desperate youngsters. Micki and Tim know that being in the Church’s entourage is dangerous, and they are determined to stop him somehow.

Author J.P. Parrot puts a new spin on the apocalypse with Epic Fail. This clever novel explores the possible after-effects of the loss of the Internet, which so many things are so dependent on nowadays. It is relatively well-written, albeit in need of an editor, and the frequent pop culture references throughout added a layer of fun. This book is intended to be a satire, and, as such, readers are encouraged to just sit back and enjoy the outlandish scenario and outrageous characters. Pat’s interactions with his coworkers, his family, and the NSA agents are entertaining to read, while the slow-blooming romance between Micki and Tim is sweet and straightforward, although it takes an unexpected turn toward the end. Epic Fail is a fun read, and with just a little polishing, could turn into something great.

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Star Count 3.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 432 pages
Publisher J.P. Parrot
Publish Date 21-Dec-2014
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Issue April 2015
Category Humor/Fiction


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