Defiant: Towers Trilogy Book Two

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Two months after she rescued the Radiant ghost Shai, Xhea is barely getting by in the Lower City skyscraper of Edren. The bruises on her body are not healing, and magical, and even surgical, attempts to fix her knee have failed time and again. And, Shai’s very presence is throwing off the balance of the Lower City, pouring unprecedented amounts of magic into Edren’s coffers. The other towers want Shai, and Xhea is the key to “controlling” her. But, Xhea is becoming a powerful force of her own; her dark magic has returned and is getting stronger, and she is beginning to learn how to truly use it. Tensions are mounting and war is brewing, and Xhea and Shai are the only ones who have a chance of stopping it.

The sequel to Karina Sumner-Smith’s Radiant, Defiant, picks up right where its predecessor leaves off. This world continues to grow more complex and fascinating, and readers will be drawn deeply into the struggles of Xhea and Shai. This novel is just as well written as the first one, and once the plot picks up, it careens to an explosive conclusion that will leave readers hungry for more. It’s an excellent novel that is hard to put down.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 400 pages
Publisher Talos
Publish Date 2015-May-05
ISBN 9781940456263 Buy this Book
Issue May 2015
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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