Bertie’s Guide to Life and Mothers: A 44 Scotland Street Novel

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This latest installment of the Scotland Street Series continues its observation of the residents of the Edinburgh neighborhood.

McCall Smith is a natural storyteller. Though this is the ninth book in the series, the author seamlessly introduces one quirky character after the next, and gently interweaving their seemingly mundane lives and stories into a tapestry of humorous observations about human needs, social expectations and life in general.

McCall Smith’s opulent characterization and delicious prose are rich in theme, vocabulary, and description, bringing out the uniqueness of his characters who appear to be completely normal in their appearance and activities – to the point of mediocrity. Yet, their thoughts and conversations with one another reveal that they are consumed with many issues.

The scattering of small black and white ink sketches complement the story, by offering a visual representation of the description, but also by adding to a sense of intimacy with the story and the characters.

Bertie’s Guide To Life And Mothers is another witty and charming installment of life and lessons from 44 Scotland Street.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 304 pages
Publisher Anchor
Publish Date 2015-Feb-17
ISBN 9780804170000 Buy this Book
Issue May 2015
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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