All Summer Long: A Novel

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All Summer Long by Dorothea Benton Frank is a thought provoking read. A woman goes through inner struggles as to what will happen to her and her husband as well as their future. She’s at the point in life where everything is quickly falling apart and her husband has no idea…they have plans to move and like every other woman, the main character has doubts. Will it be good or bad…and will they survive the storm to come? This new summer title brings the realities of life and the unpleasantness of failure. All Summer Long is the first novel I have read by this talented writer. I liked following the character’s journey and thoughts as the plot unfolded. However, the story itself seemed a bit too depressing with the anxiety of work, the uncertainty of the future, and the unknown of what may or may not happen to the marriage.

Readers will find themselves completely lost in Oliva Ritchie’s problems. Her issues feel like they were mine and that I was the one shouldering all of her worries. Taking a huge step into the unknown is a fear that everyone has. Here, Dorothea Benton Frank has masterfully covered the life of a marriage between two opposites. Drama, intrigue, and a bit of humor can be found within this well-developed and well-written story. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the characters were believable and the plot carried an emotional journey that felt real. I recommend this new novel to readers everywhere. All Summer Long is a must read for all.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 384 pages
Publisher William Morrow
Publish Date 2016-05-31
ISBN 9780062390752 Buy this Book
Issue July 2016
Category Popular Fiction


  1. Karen Fulbright

    Absolutely loved it! Have already started reading it again! Not depressing, just real! Love her books! Love her wit!

  2. Robin

    I have to say, this was a big dissapointing read. I have followed and read Dorothea Benton Frank from the beginning. Starting with Sullivan’s Island. My favorite being Plantation, which I have read more than once. I have even spent 4 vacations in Charleston, seeing all the places she write about, Stella Maris, Dunleavy’s Pub etc. This book just had no soul. Drivel about rich idiotic people. She has even touch on PAS syndrome at the time I was dealing with it (still am really) and it gave me hope. Please try again Ms. Frank, I’m counting on you!

  3. DG

    I absolutely adore Dottie Frank but this was my least favorite of her novels. Since my roots are deep in the Lowcountry soil, I was a bit distracted with all the country jumping. Not enough pluff mud and seagulls. But I did finish it.

  4. Donna morse

    Warm and comfortable

  5. Janie

    Have read all of her books and can’t wait to dive into this one!! She is awesome!

  6. KBirum

    DBFs books can always be counted on for a good read. She cleverly blends emotional issues of facts or fiction from the female & male perspective with humor for readers to enjoy. Having read all her books, her luv & respect for Carolina’s beauty, culture, history & magic draws one to travel there. Supporting good causes & positive female characters, each book is a joy to read!

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