This Second Chance

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This Second Chance opens with the protagonist’s second wedding. Years ago, Rachael was married to Ed, but she took her three children and left him after he had abused her. Even though the shadow of his abuse still hangs on her and the children, Rachael has found a second chance in love with Tony Battaglia, a good man raised by a single mother. He has already agreed to raise her children with her, at least the ones still young enough to live at home. The only way Rachael’s life could be any better would be if her oldest son, Eddie, hadn’t shut her out of his life. He resents her for leaving his father, and it seems the two of them will never be able to have a peaceful relationship again.

Very soon, that isn’t the only darkness seeping into Rachael’s charmed life. Someone has left an anonymous present for her: a snow globe, the exact same as the one she received when she married Ed. On the bottom is carved the single word Remember. Memories of her previous marriage and questions of who could have left such a gift for her shake Rachael all the way to her honeymoon, where more unpleasant surprises await her.

Fortunately for Rachael, she has a protector, even if she is entirely unaware of this. An angel named Zelina is watching over her. The rules angels must abide by state that she cannot interfere directly, but she isn’t working alone. She has a very unlikely helper: Ed’s ghost. To make up for his mistakes in life, Ed must protect his wife against an evil spirit that threatens her, her new husband, and her three children.

This Second Chance isn’t just about Ed getting a second chance to be a good man. It’s also about Rachael getting a second chance at love. She has a second chance at building a family again, and a second chance at getting her happily ever after. She’ll only achieve it if she can be protected from the evil spirit, but make no mistake: this isn’t just a story about a woman being protected by her first husband’s ghost. Rachael has her own way to keep the evil spirit at bay and her own plotline about coming to terms with her past. The book is a beautiful look at love and redemption, equal parts heartwarming and chilling as an ordinary family is pitted against great evil.

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Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 256 pages
Publisher D.L. Finn
Publish Date 2017-Sep-30
ISBN 0978099775190 Buy this Book
Issue February 2018
Category Romance


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