The Inward Outlook: Conscious Choice as a Daily Practice

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Laura Basha’s The Inward Outlook guides readers to the abundant resources within and reveals a way to lessen the mind’s concentration on the past and move toward a peaceful, present, and vibrant existence. It includes a “Practices Book” section that is absent in the previous edition to make the ideas in the book available to a larger audience. The additional exercises have been hand-picked from years of experience in psychology, spirituality, and creativity. Laura emphasizes the value of such concepts as accepting silence, cultivating conscious choice, and practicing transformative humor. It’s time to let go of the old, damaging stories from the past, and this book is both the severance tool and the master key to opening healing, liberating, and elevating realms.

The author’s open and touching story about her unfortunate experiences and her difficulties with regular nightmares provides an opportunity to connect with her and realize that she wasn’t always the spiritually transformed individual that she is today. Learning that she healed from her various past challenges, as well as seeing how rich her mind is through her generous and uplifting words, is a source of inspiration and proof that others, too, can be transformed into positive, bountiful humans who are best suited for thriving no matter what life throws at them.

The Inward Outlook contains clear and concise words that are easy to learn and recollect for staying on course. To remain true to my core self and be positive in my daily life, I chose to memorize this sentence, “I am a creative spark of Source.” Furthermore, the book’s complexities and clever additions make it both accessible and enjoyable. Some words, for example, are capitalized to help readers recognize them as representations of what the author believes are important to embody as personal attributes. Furthermore, the book includes quotes from diverse spiritual thinkers, fillable spaces after each chapter, and introspective questions to assist the reader in personalizing the tips.

The solutions to issues concerning satisfaction, peace, and joy are not necessarily found in highly sophisticated texts, the acquisition of outer wealth, or the overexploitation of the land. Laura’s tried-and-true, natural methods provide the energy you need to shine brighter from within. If they are accepted and practiced persistently, they will help in overpowering the detrimental thoughts, harmful past experiences, and negative world influences that have accumulated through time. I’ve already begun implementing them, and I’m shocked at how liberated and weightless I feel. Whether you’re just beginning your spiritual, consciousness journey or have been on it for a while and haven’t found the answers you need, you will be transformed by Laura’s simple, eye-opening messages.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 152 pages
Publisher She Writes Press
Publish Date 05-Apr-2023
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Issue August 2023
Category Self-Help