Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow

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Although Parker’s newest book hosts various subjects that range from ways to relieve stress to how to motivate yourself, you’ll find a load of helpful tips on how to sleep better, eat better, and live better.

The title originates with Einstein, and much of the contents are developed from other notables such as Dale Carnegie and Norman Vincent Peale. Parker begins with ways to seize the day by letting go of regrets. In the chapter titled “Happiness Doesn’t Just Happen: It Requires Love,” Parker underscores how young children are usually happy. However, “…we learn how to be unhappy as we grow up and grow older.” From various angles, Parker reveals ways to return to that child-like happiness, vibrancy, and optimism.

Written in simple, straightforward terms, Parker swings from the subject of happiness to ways to harness the power of enthusiasm. He gives practical suggestions in the chapters: “Wake Up in the Morning Raring to Go” and “Seven Things You Can Do That Will Make You A Better Person.” He offers viable exercises in self-hypnosis and positive thinking to “trick” your unconscious mind into solving your most troubling dilemmas.

Parker progresses with details of how to realign your body clock. He discusses the chemical effects operating with your body while under stress, and offers helpful ways to manage it. Specifically, Parker emphasizes the chief hormone produced by stress, cortisol, and the dangerous effects it produces over extended periods. He ends that section with a list of vitamins and foods designed to counter those negative effects, and offers practical tips on relaxation.

In the final section, Parker delves into the problem of chronic fatigue, naming Addison’s disease and other illnesses that suppress the body’s immune system and upset your body’s hormone balance. In these chapters, Parker lists exercises and diets that trigger the production of serotonin within your body, what he describes as the “feel good connection.”

If you want to lose weight, quit smoking, conquer chronic depression, laugh more, and stay young at heart, this inspirational book will help.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 174 pages
Publisher Stardust Press
Publish Date 01-Jun-2011
ISBN 9780976407652
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Issue September 2011
Category Self-Help


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