Retirement: A Memoir and Guide

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This very readable book is really more of a ‘LIFE’ guide for anyone, not just those of retirement age. There are entire sections that would be beneficial to the traditional college-age persons as a guide to figuring out what they want to do and where they want to live. You shouldn’t have to wait until you retire at sixty-five plus to know what you should have done forty or more years earlier!

With heaping helpings of common sense, the author describes his own foibles honestly, and suggests ways for the reader to avoid falling into the same predicaments that he did. Although I’m past the retirement age, I still picked up a few tips from this book. However, I also think it would be even more helpful to folks in their forties – perhaps the ‘empty-nesters’ out there, or those about to be in that category. They might still have enough time to make some of the suggested changes to their lifestyle, before they get to the point of ‘almost-no-return’.

The book contains seven sections, which in turn are divided into 34 chapters, with a summary Guide for each section. It isn’t necessary to read the book straight through from front to back, in order to partake of the author’s ideas. If one section might not appeal, it’s a simple matter to skip to the next one.

If you like to travel, and/or think you might someday like to live in another country (outside the U.S.) you’ll be glad you read this book before making choices or starting to plan. Things you might not anticipate or even be aware of, can trip you up faster than you can think of a solution – unless, that is, you’ve read this book and are at least somewhat informed.

Or perhaps, at mid-life, you think another career might better serve your ambitions and capabilities. You’ll find suggestions and other possibilities to help steer you to a happier lifestyle. Maybe you can develop a hobby into a paying adventure – or if not, at least you’ll have fun in the doing. Having learned from his own inexperience, Mr. Lemon willingly shares his knowledge with the rest of us.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 222 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 28-Nov-2012
ISBN 9781480211490 Buy this Book
Issue April 2013
Category Self-Help


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