The Emma Effect

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The Emma Effect, written by Gordan Bocher, encompasses several elements that intricately connect the story’s multiple events, facets, and psychologically intriguing messages throughout the novel.

The main protagonist, Mitch, had suffered the tragedy of losing his parents at the young age of six in a horrible car accident where he was the only survivor. The weight of the tragedy tethered his young soul with the burdens of the darker side of life that his maturity levels were not developed to process fully.

Furthermore, his great-aunt Helen raised him the best she could, and young Mitch developed into a relatively well-adjusted young man who was capable of living a quality life, despite the hardships of his personality-forming years.

After high school, Mitch was the winning candidate for a scholarship to Widmarch College, where his stature and physicality gave him a false sense of security and an advantage as an athlete.

During his senior year of college, he was gaslighted and manipulated by his fiancé and her dear friend. The troublesome duo subjected Mitch to a heinously degrading sexual experience that scarred him for years. The trauma subconsciously bled into all aspects of his mental faculties and life, propelling him to abruptly leave Widmarch for a job at MCI (Mining Consortium International). Shortly after that, Mitch was in Afghanistan to source sites suitable for mining ore.

Author Bocher’s descriptive writing adds well-formed visual depictions of the characters and the topographies of the storylines in various locations. The main detractor was the numerous grammatical errors that marred the otherwise fastidiously written sentences. Moreover, Bocher did create believable and well-constructed characters that showcased the multiple dimensions of their personalities, psyches, and the circumstances each character had to grapple with as they made their way through life with the effects of traumatic stress.

When Mitch met Emma, the young pretty administrative assistant at MCI, they connected physically and spiritually. Emma had a tranquilizing effect on Mitch that soothed his troubled soul with serenity and peace. Over time, the bond strengthened as the couple learned to love each other’s flaws and strengths, which eventuated into a happy marriage.

Please note that this book’s aspects could make some readers uncomfortable due to the complex topics discussed throughout the chapters. Reading the book will provide a narrative of the mental trauma young men experience from surviving sexual assault and mental abuse. Also, The Emma Effect is a testament to the power of therapy and how finding the right person to share life with can help heal the damaging effects of traumatic life experiences.

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Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 197 pages
Publisher Newman Springs Publishing, Inc.
Publish Date 21-Mar-2022
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Issue June 2022
Category Young Adult