The Catacombs

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When a book comes second in a series featuring the world’s scariest places, you can expect a setting pulled out of nightmares. In the series opener, Jeremy Bates took readers to the most popular place to commit suicide in the world. In follow-up The Catacombs, Bates explores the infamous labyrinthian tunnels under Paris, mass grave to over six million people. The Catacombs is a book of bones—fists clenched tight around weaponized femurs, caverns full of broken bones that crunch each time a foot steps upon them.

The catacombs aren’t creepy to Danièle, the spunky florist practicing French with Will. Danièle and her friends are ’cataphiles,’ urban explorers who wander the lesser-known areas of the catacombs. Will is a travel writer in Paris charting the nightlife, and, although he left a messy breakup behind in the states, he may be falling for Danièle’s free spirit. So he finds himself tagging along on a night mission to deep within the catacombs, lacking waterproof boots or any idea what lies ahead. Danièle’s friends plan to go deep into the catacombs, seeking a mysterious woman recorded on a camera they found lost in the tunnels.

The Catacombs is easy to consume whole, like a shocking, but delicious, pint of ice cream, as Bates never shies away from the bad or the ugly. The story pits together many aspects consumers of popular horror will know and love—the claustrophobia of caves and the underground, the mystery of found footage, and more. Although these elements aren’t wildly original, the detailed descriptions of the catacombs are a colorful addition to the usual horror fare. If you are looking for something to give you chills before you go to bed or make you think twice about turning off your light, then The Catacombs is the book for you.

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Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 438 pages
Publisher Ghillinnein Books
Publish Date 15-Mar-2015
ISBN 9780993764660 Buy this Book
Issue April 2015
Category Horror


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