Men Don’t Pee Straight: And Other Things You Should Know About Us

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There is one basic tenet of this book. Men are basic. The idea is that men are motivated by three things in life. Quick! Name three! With very little effort, those three things will probably pop right into your mind. Here’s a hint… at this moment, are you hungry? Do you feel any desires? Is it close to bed time? With a title like Men Don’t Pee Straight, the subject matter of this handy little bathroom companion is sure to bring a smile to any bathroom visitor’s face. Funny, light, yet more truthful than some might appreciate, this is the type of tongue-in-cheek humor most suited for those quiet moments, that necessary time when mindless entertainment is most valued. But, now is the time to discuss the book in more detail, so no more suspense. Here are a few of the chapter titles. “Men Don’t Know What Mauve Is: or chartreuse for that matter”, “Men Are Babies:under all circumstances”,
“Men Have Fragile Egos: this is a fact”, “Men Like to Scratch: it just feels good”, and “Men Don’t Pee Straight: And that’s not on purpose.” These chapters and others include handy checklists with dates to note when the predicted behaviors occur. The astute reader will agree that many of the behaviors described in the various chapters have the ring of truth. Any “real” adult, be they woman or man, who lives in close proximity to one, or a few men, should appreciate the various cartoons and tidbits of truth created by the author. For a few moments of quiet contemplation, a bit of humor will be much appreciated. All in all, Rick Dean has come up with a nifty little book. Just for fun, it’s a sure cure for bathroom boredom. For all its simplicity, Men Don’t Pee Straight is the perfect material to place next to his throne.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 44 pages
Publisher Rick Dean Books
Publish Date 08-Oct-2012
ISBN 9780615642154 Buy this Book
Issue April 2013
Category Relationships & Sex


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